Who goes to see chiropractors?

Everyone should see a chiropractor. Generally people who have health problems or want to enhance their natural healing ability go see chiropractors. We see people off all ages, from birth to 99+, who want a higher resistance to disease, better sports performance, more energy, emotional well-being, greater relaxation and improved quality of life.

What do chiropractors do exactly?

Chiropractors analyze your spine for vertebral subluxations (spinal nerve stress) - spinal distortions that affect your brain, spinal cord, internal organs and overall health. Subluxations cause dis-ease, inflammation, pain and accelerate aging. Specific chiropractic adjustments remove or reduce these subluxations to improve the connection between your inner healing ability, nervous system and body.

Do I need a referral to see you?

No referral is needed to have a consultation, thorough examination, or adjustment. If we feel it is in your best interest to get x-rays or other imaging, we can refer you to our preferred diagnostic imagining center.

How do I know if you take my insurance?

We do not accept insurance. Do not worry, you will find our rates are affordable for you (and your family) to receive the best care plan our doctors create for you. HSA, FSA and Care Credit are accepted.

How long will my appointment take?

For your initial appointment, we carve out an hour to ensure we given you and the doctor ample time for your consultation, examination, which includes nerve and muscle testing, analyzing bone structures, restrictions in movement, posture, etc, a report of those findings, and to answer further questions you may have regarding your care. An established patient appointment should only take 15-30 minutes, depending on whether or not we feel physical modalities are needed.

Is it safe for me to get adjusted, if I am pregnant?

It is absolutely safe for you to be examined and adjusted by your chiropractor, if you are pregnant. There are several benefits chiropractic care can offer during your pregnancy. This can include better sleep, less nausea, decreased back and hip pain, better position for baby, proper pelvic alignment for a more comfortable labor and delivery, and an overall healthier pregnancy.