How long will my steam session last?

Depending on your condition or concerns, steam session last up to 30 min.

I have bad menstrual cramps. Which blend is best for me?

All of the blends will help to get rid of menstrual cramps. Choose the blend most suitable to you and steam preceding the period.

I have fibroids. Will vaginal steaming help?

The Stimulating, Gentle and Purifying blends all have herbs for shrinking fibroids. Choose the blend that suits you best.

Which blend is best for cysts or PCOS?

This answer depends on the length of your cycle. If your cycle is at least 28 days, we recommend our Stimulating blend. If your cycles are 26 days or less, we recommend steaming with our Gentle blend. Our Stimulating, Purifying and Gentle blends are all great for draining cysts.

I have reached Menopause, how can steaming help me?

If you are experiencing interim or spontaneous bleeding, the Gentle blend is best. These herbs will be the most important until extra bleeding has stopped.
If you are experiencing hot flashes (and no extra bleeding, then choose Satisfying blend.
If you are experiencing infections and/or inflammation (and no extra bleeding) then go with the Purifying blend.
If you are experiencing large clots and heavy dark maroon periods (with no extra bleeding between periods) then go with the Stimulating blend.
If your periods keep disappearing for months at a time and then coming back, select the Stimulating blend.

I am Post-Menopause and no longer have periods. What herbs are best for me?

If you have vaginal dryness, the Stimulating blend is best for you.
If you have infections, the Purifying blend is best.
If you have prolapse or hemorrhoids or abdominal bloating or occasional spotting, the Gentle blend is suitable for you.
If you have phantom cramping, swollen breasts or PMS signs, then the Stimulating blend is best.

Are the herbs safe while breastfeeding?

New Leaf Wellness Center only uses certified organic botanicals. To date, there has been no connection between using herbs to steam the vagina and the amount of breastmilk supply. They appear not to have an influence on one another.
The Stimulating, Gentle and Satisfying blends are all entirely safe for breastfeeding.
The Purifying blend is full of drying herbs. Though there have not been any cases of a decrease in supply, it might be best to avoid them.
Although white sage (a drying herb) is in the Stimulating blend, the drying action of the herb is balanced out by other herbs in the mix that are moisturizing. This blend has been used safely by at least 50 postpartum breastfeeding moms without any influence on breastmilk. If anything, some of the mothers have reported that vaginal steaming has increased their milk supply.